At Diversified we fill in all the missing pieces of your property acquisition puzzle…

We can manage your project from start to finish….
Through a total development package, we can save you the cost of hiring and training new staff. This will eliminate a backlog of extra staff once your projects are completed. Our team of specialists can take your project from Point A to Point Z and all the stops in between.

We can blend our staff with yours…Sometimes your staff can be challenged with a work load beyond their capabilities. In utilizing our specialists in a turnkey operation, we can fulfill your individualized needs. You can be assured knowing that the most stringent cost requirements and time tables will be met with Diversified as part of your team.

We can fill a void within your current staff…
At other times, you may have a need for qualified temporary help on a specific project. At Diversified, our highly skilled staff specializes in troubleshooting the specific problems you may encounter along the way. We can handle the areas of negotiation, acquisition of rights, expert witness testimony, relocation and much more.